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Cino Cinelli was a professional rider between 1937 and 1944 and he won 3 stages at
Giro d'Italia, 1 Giro di Lombardia, 1 Milano- Sanremo and 1 Tre Valli Varesine.
In 1946 he retired from cycling and started to produce frames, developing the professional cycling and not only. He was a good professional racer with 15 years of pedalling in his legs and with a mania for mechanics. In 1947 he decided to develop the brilliant intuitions gathered during the course of many kilometres on all kind of roads. Cinelli was the first to realize an aluminium handlebar grip, a seat with a plastic core, the pedal straps and the quick release pedals. The Cinelli bicycles of 1960s,1970s and 80s are very popular due to their typical seatpost clamps. The frame builder Luigi Valsassina (ex- frame builder of Bianchi at the time of Fausto Coppi) realized the most important steel frames and frames for all the Olympics athletes. 30 years went by and in 1978 Cino handed the company over to a young industrialist, a leader in the field of steel tubes and fond of cycling: Antonio Colombo. The company was transformed and the inventions of the "design made in Cinelli" began to go around the world. The bicycle changes or better the vision of the bicycle changes. People started to talk about a total project. The result was Laser, which turned from conjunctures and introduced TIG for road- bike frames. This was the only Italian bicycle to win the Compasso d’Oro (design award in 1991) as well as over 28 gold medals at Olympic Games and World Championships. Starting from 1980 Cinelli has been the first company to bring art into the world of bicycles. Over the years the company has had fruitful relationships with the most important designers and artists of the world: from the Laser by Keith Haring to the Cinelli logo designed by Italo Lupi, to the limited- edition of Supercorsa by Barry McGee or to the accessories of Mike Giant; the art bicycle is the most authentic and exclusive expression of the Cinelli trademark. Since 1997 Cinelli is a division of Gruppo Srl and together with Columbus forms a production pole of worldwide importance in the field of high-end bicycles. The Cinelli book “Bicycle art and design” (Rizzoli New York) retraces its history.

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