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The story of Colnago is full of successes, in fifty years, the mark of the " clover " has collected more than 6000 victories sponsoring more than 100 professional teams.
Ernesto Colnago is considered the master of all frame manufacturers and one of the " godfathers" of the modern road racing bicycle.
Ernesto was born in 1932 in Cambiago, a village in the suburbs of Milan from a family of farmers and since his early days of primary school he helped his father in the fields. In November 1945 he is hired as a welder- assistant by Gloria, a Milanese bicycle factory.
At 14 years old Colnago starts bicycle racing and wins 13 races in his career. His luck begins with a fall. In 1951, participating as an amateur cyclist at the Milano- Busseto, he broke his left leg. Having to stay for 60 days in a cast, Gloria allowed him to build some wheels at home. In 1952, he left Gloria and began to build bikes in a room of 25 m2 in Cambiago. In this way the history of Colnago and its founder started. Since 1955 he has continuously improved his bicycles, which have raced and won the greatest cycling champions with.
Colnago shows himself immediately as an innovator: from the beginning he decides to submit the frame geometry of that time to some radical changes and creates at the same time the modern look of the road racing bike. Until that time the design which dominated before the war was the one of a large frame, a long base for wheels and the seat just a few inches above the frame.
Since then Colnago is in contact with the best cyclists in the world, whom he has in many cases personally prepared the bikes for.
First as a mechanic and then as a bicycle manufacturer, he followed champions such as Altig, Merckx, the Motta and Gates, Baronchelli, Paolini, Saronni and many others.
His first intuition goes back to the fifties, when he cold- forged the fork.
In 1972 he realizes the bike which defined an era with the record set by Eddy Merckx in 1972 at Mexico City.
In 1983 the Oval and the CX Master frame, which Saronni won that year the Giro d’Italia with.
In 1986, together with Ferrari Engineering (a collaboration still going on) the first frame in carbon fiber is carried out and in the following year the "revolutionary Precisa fork” that is completely straight.
In the next years masterpieces were manufactured from the company masterpieces such as the Colnago C35 (1989) and the Bititan (1991). In 1994 he released the C40 carbon, in 2000 the CF1 and in 2001 the CF2. In 2003 the C50 was launched, a C40 evolution, that is a fiber composite frame that has established itself in competition and sales all over the world.
Of all the victories in his career, one special entered in the annals of history Colnago and was the victory of the "lucky devil" Dancelli in Milan- San Remo in 1970 that persuaded Ernesto Colnago to change its current logo with an eagle to the ace of clubs. The logo has remained the same, but the technology behind it has revolutionized the way to build bicycles.

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