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Tolmino Gios moved with his family to Turin in 1918. During these years it was needed to get busy and as soon as he could, he found a job as a butcher, which allowed him to cultivate his passion: cycling.
He began first among the junior athletes, quickly passes into the category Amateurs and the victory in the “Copa del Rey” opened him the door to the National Team for the Berlin Olympics of 1936 and to the professional Team of Bartali and Guerra in Legnano.
But World War II interrupted his activities abruptly, although Tolmino Gios didn’t stop go biking even during the war, since he was the Lance Seargent of the “Bersaglieri” corps of Italian army.
After coming back from the frontline, he opened his first shop in Corso Matteotti in Turin.
In few years, in 1947, the Gios Velo Club was founded. In this club Tolmino took a young rider called  Italo Zilioli who would have won the Italian Championship of Young Athletes just riding a Gios bike.
Tolmino Gios started to build racing bicycles and the business expanded so much that he changed even two locations to continue the production that came to triple.
In the mid- sixties his three children also came to help Tolmino Gios: Alfred, Adriano and Aldo, who became the official team mechanic and the trustworthy man of Roger De Vlaeminck, the Belgian champion who managed to win a 4 Paris-Roubaix.
With the withdrawal of Brooklyn in 1977, Gios continued the sponsorships in the professional cycling world with brilliant success.
In 2013 the Gios company celebrated 65 years of activity. For the occasion the "Prodigious" frame was presented as "Projects of Aldo Gios”. In a single frame all the innovations that have characterized the Gios frame
In May of the same year the "First Meeting Gios Torino" was organized to celebrate this important goal. First, among the guests, directly from Belgium the Champion Roger De Vlaeminck, which transformed the party into a true Reunion of Brooklyn team: in fact Franco Cribiori, the technical director Coletto, Gualazzini, Pasuello and Marcello Osler joined together with him and Aldo Gios.
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