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Licinio Marastoni was born in 1922 in Reggio Emilia. As he was little more than a boy, he approaches the shop of such Mattioli, a frame builder of the city. It is said that in the 30s it was an habit that the apprentice family would pay a bribe to the shopkeepers who offered indoctrination to work; in this case Mattioli did not ask anything, the great skill and passion of the young Licinio were adequate. As far as he was 17 years old (in 1939), the first frames engraved with the name of the young Marastoni began to circulate around the city of Emilia.
The 2nd world war started and everything stopped; in 1949 Marastoni was supported by a financer and together they founded a small company, the Grasselli- Marastoni cycles. All proceeds without infamy and without praise until 1960 when Marastoni became the only company founder due to Grasselli’s.
After visiting a colleague who was producing gas lamp appliances, he had the idea and asked to his friend if it was possible to produce industrial parts of bicycles with the same technique of Lost-wax casting used to produce the gas lamp components. Marastoni was the first to produce conjunctions and details with this technique. The big step was taken after a meeting with Cino Cinelli. This one was so impressed by this production technique that he financed the project to such an extent that the production with this casting technique achieved industrial quantities.
Licinio Marastoni is an artisan, a tailor and remained so throughout his life. And he still is! He produced frames for many champions, reaching the peak of his abilities with the bike which Moser won the Giro in 1984 with. The bike belonged to his son holds a place of honour in his heart as his son died tragically in a car accident in 1972. This is a special bike in a colour chosen by chance from Marastoni. As the story goes as well as happened to Emilio Bozzi years ago, Licinio was looking for a colour which differed from its direct competitors in Emilia. One day, while walking, he came across a dead lizard and he was so impressed from the beautiful colour that Marastoni put the little died animal in his pocket and took him to the painter saying I want that! the Green Marastoni was born in this way!
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