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La Cicli Moser has already a piece of history in the name itself.
Francesco Moser in fact founded his bicycle factory as the natural continuation of a career which settled him as the Italian rider with the highest number of victoriesin road races: not less than 273.
The Hour Record of Moser represents a revolution. From that moment in the world of racing bike, technology and preparation will not be the same as before.
The record set by Moser in 1984 also determined his entry into the world of the manufacturers: the bike of the Record was in fact marked Moser. With this bike Moser was able to race 51,151 kilometers in one hour beating after 22 years the hour record of Eddy Merckx.
If for the athletic training Moser was entrusted to the innovative practices of Professor Francesco Conconi at the University of Ferrara, for the mechanical means the team of Also- Enervit involved Professor Dal Monte, the scientific director of the Institute of Sports Science of CONI. Dal Monte realized that the goal was to focus on aerodynamics and stiffness of the bike even at the cost of increasing the weight a little bit.
A critical point was the riding position: in order to make the trim more aerodynamic it was necessary to lower the rider as much as possible. Also the handlebar had to accommodate the position (first Dal Monte had drawn it with double wings, but then he preferred a more traditional solution, although always with the supports facing upwards).
With the introduction of the smaller front wheel also the geometry of the frame had to be redesigned. In 1984 Moser succeeded to win the Milan- San Remo and the Giro d’Italia.
The time trial bicycle can be considered the first of a series of bikes lucky for the brand Moser, which distinguished themselves especially for their technological and innovative features.
Among the most successful experiments we can remember the “Over” model and its special working on the aluminum tubes in different diameters in various parts according to a special design. For this reason they were called "telescopic tubes".
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