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The brand was founded by Rossin’s disappointment! Vittorio Ghezzi is the patron of Iclas, amateur team with which Jean- Baptiste Baronchelli won Giro D’Italia in 1973. Ghezzi decided together with his sporting\ director Domenico Garbelli to promote the promising Baronchelli into higher category, creating a new team around him: Itla. But Iclas team used Colnago bicycles for running and the sharp artisan of Cambiago has already facilitated Baronchelli to move to Scic, a professional team officially supplied with Colnago bicycles. The disappointment of Garbelli and Ghezzi is so much that they got in touch with Mario Rossin, renowned frame builder with a long experience gained by working for years in the Colnago. Thus the brand Rossin was inaugurated in 1974 with R inserted in the Pentagon.
The duo Garbelli Rossin is always looking for innovation: in 1980 an electronic computer was mounted on the bicycle of Alessandro Paganessi, promising amateur of Novartiplast team. This could be considered as a forefather of modern bike computers, although larger than the current ones.
Rossin frames are characterized by the beautiful minimalist fork and by the quality of the beautiful junctures, as well as by the brilliant colors.
In the mid- eighties Futura CX was produced, being a true example of technological breakthrough in the pursuit of better aerodynamic performance (smaller front wheel, sloped top tube to head tube and ox horn handlebars).
After Ghezzi left, the company was transferred to the Bici Group, which re-launched recently the Rossin brand on the market with models such as Ghibli.
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