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Edoardo Bianchi is the founder of one of the oldest and most famous brands of Italianbikes. At the age of 20 he started his first business, a workshop of two rooms in the center of the old Milan with a sign "Mechanical Workshop". The city of Milan becomes very soon strong not only by industrial point of view, but also the center of the most important production of bicycles and in 1897 Bianchi began the mass production of bicycles up to become an SpA in 1907. The growth continued even during the fascist period and then stopped only during the Second World War as the large factory was razed to the ground by bombing in 1943. The reconstruction and rehabilitation of the company will be run by his son Joseph, who took command after the death of his father in 1946. The Bianchi rose and took part in the economic recovery by exploiting the popularity of epic victories of Fausto Coppi, the champion whom the blue and white trademark is inseparably linked to. The famous phrase of the chronicler Ferretti at the beginning of his radio commentary was: "A man alone is in first place, his shirt is blue and white, his name is Fausto Coppi." With Bianchi’s shirt Coppi won 4 Giro D’Italia, 2 Tour de France, a World Championship and many other important races becoming “Champion of Champions”. In the 70s Felice Gimondi gathered the heritage of Fausto Coppi and he had just a single opponent, a Belgian called Eddy Merckx.
The growth of the bicycle market continued and the Bianchi also raised with the oil crisis of 1973 and since 1967 a new factory of 75000 m2 was ready in Treviglio with a huge production potential.
Then the Bianchi changed the ownership of several industry groups: in 1991 the Piaggio and then in 1997 it was purchased by the Swedish Monark group owned by an Italian Salvatore Grimaldi who emigrated to Scandinavia in 1952 at the head of Cycleurope and owner also of French brands like Peugeot and Gitane.
Under the new ownership the Bianchi brand year after year returned to hold an important market position in the high-end bicycles.
At the end of 90s Marco Pantani, riding a Bianchi, carried out some of the most important challenges in the world cycling history, which culminated in 1998 with the victory in the same season of Giro d’Italia and Tour de France.
Up to today the Bianchi is one of the most prestigious brands in the world among manufacturers of racing bicycles at the highest level.

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